Discovering the Unplugged Power: A Guide to Cordless Electric Saws

Ah, the age of wireless tech. You no longer trip over cables while listening to music, why should you trip while crafting your masterpiece? Cordless electric saws are increasingly becoming a favourite among both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, and for good reason. Without further ado, let’s dive into this electrifying (or shall we say, non-electrifying?) world of cordless wonders.

The thrill of going cord-free isn’t merely about avoiding tangled cords. Here are some key characteristics to consider when buying your next cordless electric saw:

  1. Battery Life: Just as you wouldn’t want your phone to die in the middle of a call, it would be quite a bummer to have your saw give up on you mid-cut. Choose a tool that offers a long-lasting battery life, but also consider the charging time. Quick charge features can be lifesavers!
  2. Power: Cordless doesn’t mean powerless. Modern battery technology ensures that cordless tools pack a punch. Ensure the saw meets your power requirements.
  3. Cutting Depth and Adjustability: Depending on your projects, you’ll need to adjust your cutting depth. Having a saw that can adapt to different depths and angles is like having multiple tools in one.
  4. Safety Features: Let’s not ignore this. From electronic brakes to safety locks, make sure your chosen saw ticks the safety boxes.
  5. Weight and Ergonomics: Handling your tool should feel like a dance, not a wrestling match. A comfortable grip and balanced weight distribution can make a world of difference.

Speaking of which, there’s nothing like some solid examples to give your imagination a boost. Here are three stand-out cordless electric saws available on

  • Makita HS7601J Circular Saw: This gem from Makita is a perfect blend of power and precision. With its impressive cutting capabilities and ergonomic design, it’s a top pick for those looking to make clean and accurate cuts. Its durability and build quality make it a trusted companion for long-term projects. Truly a star in the world of circular saws! Check it out here
  • Bosch PST 900 PEL Jigsaw: When you think of adaptability, the Bosch PST 900 springs to mind. This jigsaw is known for its effortless curve-cutting prowess, as well as its robust build. Bosch has integrated a ‘CutControl’ feature for optimal tracking, ensuring precision with every cut. Plus, with its powerful motor, no task is too big! Find out more
  • DeWalt DCS331N-XJ Cordless Jigsaw: DeWalt’s reputation for sturdy tools is well-represented by the DCS331N-XJ. With its 3-position pendulum action, you get faster, cleaner cuts, and longer blade life. The ergonomic design coupled with keyless blade changes makes it a joy to work with, ensuring seamless operation for both straight and curved cuts. Discover it here

In conclusion, going cordless with your electric saw doesn’t mean compromising on power or precision. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between functionality, safety, and convenience. And with so many fantastic options on the market, there’s never been a better time to cut the cord. Happy crafting!


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